The Road-Kings the Band
The Road-Kings the Band
The Road-Kings the Band
The Road-Kings the Band
The Road-Kings the Band
The Road-Kings the Band

The Road-Kings the Band

The Road-Kings the Band
The Road-Kings the Band
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Here's some great feedback from fans that have bought the
Dust & Gasoline CD Album:

"Hi I bought the CD and love it! great driving, dining and chilling music. Fab lyrics and great compilation. I like the new twist on some covers makes them the road kings own". Jacqueline

"Just received my copy of your debut album Dust & Gasoline advertised in my HOG mag, and must say I was blown away, cracking album lads a good mixture of songs, as with a lot of albums there are usually the odd song that doesn't hit the right cords, but I enjoyed them all, I especially liked the take of the Doors song Riders On The Storm." Best Wishes Kelvin

"Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the album, can't stop playing it, its great. I work at a Harley dealership in Cheltenham & we have been playing it in the shop & getting really good feedback so the manager has ordered 100 copies to sell in the shop. Good luck guys & keep up the good work. All the best "

"I am very happy & impressed with this purchase it is very professional in every way & to bring my love of rock, blues and Harley together is a dream come true (I've owned my Road King for five years) . I am a member of the Hogsback chapter in Surrey & Bridgewater in Somerset and will be recommending you to the many friends I have in each."Thanks from - Bernie.

"CD has now arrived and been playing it non stop since it arrived. Keep up the great work. Ride to live, live to ride." Gareth

"Playing the CD to death - great. Can't wait to see it live. Rock on boys" - Harley Dave

Great album I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it I hope I don't wear the CD out. All the best, Gareth.

After seeing it on the back of the magazine I ordered the disc, I received my album last week and find it fantastic. The songs are great!! Steve

Got the album and its even better than expected.
Normally when I hear an album from a band I don't really know it tends to have a couple of good tracks and the rest filler tracks.
Not this album - every track is either good or excellent.
This is my taste in music. Not too bluesy and not too heavy rock.
The band have captured a balance reminiscent of Bernie Marsden solo albums from early Whitesnake days. (if you haven't heard him check out the similarities) the main differance being your vocals are better and more powerful.
Opening track I thought the vocals had a slight Tom Jones accent which I like and suited the song perfectly. Didn't hear the accent on any other tracks ?
Favourite track being Pacific Coast Highway which I play non-stop. Everything on this track is excellent from the vocals to the driving rhythm and bass and excellent guitar work.
Overall you can't beat the Gibson guitar and the solo work has the typical rich, full bodied Gibson sound.
Cover songs Ride Like the Wind is an excellent version of original - well done.
Rider on the Storm you have also retained the original classic feel with modern production and instruments. Again well done.
As I said before I love the full album and apart from P.C. Highway its extremely difficult to pick out another favourite simply because they are all such good quality tracks.
If I had to select any though it would be following :-

Dust and Gasoline
Dark Star
Turn it Up
The Road

As you can see I'm starting to list every track so its difficult.

Thanks for letting me share your music its very much appreciated and hope the next album is on its way. Good luck with any future projects. Davie

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